Inspiration in action

Surrey is home to some of England and the world’s best and brightest minds. Educators and students throughout our county regularly achieve academic and personal excellence.
We are helping our students to understand new learning tools, inspiring them to become ethical citizens and engaged thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. 


Welcome to Inspiretown

At Inspiretown we bring you training opportunities for self and professional development, in your area, in a fun and relaxed environment.  All our trainers are qualified and experienced subject specialists. Our courses are bespoke and suited to your needs and expectations. Most of our training programmes are organised when and where you want them, with the flexibility and responsiveness that make us stand out. The courses take place in various venues across Surrey, all chosen with great attention to detail and suitable for particular courses. We hope that our courses, workshops and events will inspire you to do great things in life, make the most of your time and meet some interesting people in your area.

  • Responsiveness
  • Inspiration
  • Development

You said...

Here are some of the things that you have said you want to learn. We went on and matched your wishes closely to what we do.

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Our programmes are driven by your feedback.We always take your ideas on board and most inspire new courses, activities and events. Responsiveness is what really makes us different.

Let us know what you would like to learn and we will happily turn your dreams into a fantastic learning experience. 


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English - 93%
New language - 70%
Fitness with Children - 70%
New skill - 82%
Activities with Children - 92%

Our Expert Teachers

All our teachers and trainers are subject specialists and fully qualified. The experience and expertise of all our staff vary and depend on the subject content.

All staff have substantial experience both in delivering a given subject area and practical experience in the field. We specialise in professional training and  language courses for all age groups as well as leisure and pleasure type of programmes, of which some aim at parents and carers of small children.