We offer a wide range of General English courses and exam courses (Cambridge, IELTS) for all age groups ( including adults and children).Thorough assessment of your level and needs, prior to the start of any course, will make sure your programme of study is suited to your individual needs. There is a clear progression route until you reach the end of your learning journey and your command of English is native-like. Become another success story of Inspiretown and enrol on one of our courses today.

In-Company Training

We specialise in contextualised courses of English for speakers of other languages. English for Retail, English for Medical Staff and Carers or English for Catering are among our most successful courses. We also offer Customer Service and First Aid training, all contextualised to best respond to the nature of your industry and to benefit your business.

Language Services for Schools

We are here to provide comprehensive language support to your school. We offer interpreting (parent evenings, parent- teacher meetings, school tribunals, trips, events; face to face, telephone) and translation (leaflets, newsletters, signs and boards, instructions etc). Languages offered are Polish and Spanish.


Playgroups with a Twist

Playgroups with a difference will benefit you and your little ones. Make use of the unique  opportunity to play and learn a new language. We offer English for second language speakers as well as Spanish. Learn through games, music and sensory activities for all and self-study extension tasks for grown-ups. Our Fitness with Babies and Toddlers is a fun way of exercising while keeping the little ones entertained- let us show you a few tricks! Playgroups are available for a range of ages and bookable in blocks of five.


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Our courses run over 3 to 10 weeks, depending on content and level. We use a variety of innovative techniques to make sure your process of learning is enjoyable and effective. Clear assessment of your needs gives us the opportunity to design a course that is relevant to you and your individual goals.

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Whether you're a professional looking for a formal qualification, a graduate aiming to boost your career prospects or an enquiring mind eager for greater knowledge, you'll be able to find a course at Inspiretown to suit your needs.

Our Process

Needs analysis

Whether you are an individual or a company, we will thoroughly assess your needs and work around your availability and requirements. Our subject specialists will use tests and interviews as their main assessment tools. Although the services that we provide vary, the common denominator is that you and your needs determine what we do.

Enrolment and Payment

Enrolment on any of our programmes needs to be completed prior to the start of the programme. Assessment precedes enrolment on most training programmes.The payment can be done via PayPal or bank transfer.

Planning and delivery

Planning and delivery of any training programme that we provide is always informed by your needs.This includes flexibility around time, location, level and subject. Inspiring team of trainers will turn your learning into a fun and stimulating experience.

Progression routes

In the case of all our training programmes, we offer progression routes. We also offer professional impartial advice about external opportunities. We create the network of partner organisations, which you will become a part of.